Posted: February 4, 2012 in Minimalist, Uncategorized

So far the only thing that I have been minimizing from my life is, people. I guess you’ve got to start somewhere right? Trust me it was a surprise for me as well. I was thinking I’d start with my ridiculous amount of clothes that I’ve held onto since the preteen age, or maybe the random little knick knacks that really serve no purpose but distant memories, which I enjoy recalling every once in a great while when I attempt to organize but they do add to the clutter. But noooooo, instead it seems that the universe is telling me that the clean up I need is not of the materials in my home but the people I surround myself with. It’s been a strange experience because I have become much more aware of things, my intuition has been a force to reckon with. I can’t say I’m not grateful, because I am but it’s rather discouraging knowing that I have bad that many poor choices in who I surround myself with. I don’t want to be a skeptic when meeting new people but then again if I’m going to just allow any kind of person into my life I suppose I should be prepared for any kind of outcome. I should know by now that there aren’t many stable, reliable, consciously aware,  decent people but I still think it takes much more work to be a terrible, judgmental, self absorbed person.

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