I guess I should probably give you the low down on what this is all about. Problem is I’ll probably get carried away and eventually off topic but if you’re in for the ride then this is for you.

The bottom line is my life is in shambles. 

Okay, so you might think that’s a little dramatic, I thought that expression was too the first time I heard it. Shambles? Really? Your life has become that unmanageable and your not even 30 yet? Just kidding, age is irrelevant, for the most part. Well, the truth is that shambles, my life is. Maybe yours is too and that’s what led you here. Welcome aboard the mess train, hopefully I can help bring some sanity to your days. Maybe yours is perfectly organized and your flying high on cloud 9, well congratulations at kicking ass, we’d all love to hear your secrets.

I was never a fan of following rules, you know the simple ones; clean your room, do the dishes, finish your homework before you play, go to school, eat your vegetables, wash your face before bed, make an outline before writing a paper, wash your clothes before you have a pile for every color, think before you speak, get into a routine, don’t smoke, don’t drink, don’t buy things you aren’t going to use, don’t use a credit card if you don’t have the money…… and those are just to name a few. At one point, I intentionally didn’t follow the rules, mainly to get a rise out of my mother, yeah I was that awful teenager. Then I started noticing, hey! I could totally get away without following “the rules of life,” there are ways around it. Guess what? If there are, I wasn’t as smart to catch on as I thought I was.

So, I really don’t think you HAVE to follow all these invisible rules that we are conditioned to absorb as little peas in a pod but I do think, had I at least learned some of these simple rules and then chose not to follow them I wouldn’t be in such a bind. Like one of my art professors said, “First you must learn all the rules in art, then you can break them.” I hated that saying. Rules in Art? That’s like an oxymoron! I still don’t care for that saying but that might just be the rebel inside me talking.

I’ve always been a fan of accepting your flaws, you know the ones your aware of. I’m okay with my flaws, really, I like not being a robot zombie in American society (for the most part) but there are just some things I need to get a hold of so I can bring peace of mind and fluidity to my days. My thoughts and ideas might make you want to pull your hair out but don’t worry your not the only one, my family is right there bald-less with ya.

**Note: I’m not a writer, and I’m not going to pretend to be one so, errors there shall be. To err is human, and I am 100% human. With that being said, wish me luck and good luck to you as well!

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