I’ve never really liked considering myself an artist. Especially compared to the art by other artists, I don’t feel I’m anywhere close. I am still working on finding my style so I guess I could be considered an artist in training. But then again, after taking a Philosophy of Art and Beauty, I feel like everyone is an artist in some way.

I remember this one assignment where we had to answer whether a pile of rocks randomly set up outside a construction site would be considered art compared to an artist setting up a pile of rocks in an exhibit. I thought that was an interesting question. It made me think of Andy Warhol’s pieces.

Andy Warhol's Brillo Boxes

Which also led me to wonder wouldn’t furniture be art as well? Or pens, pencils, paper, flowers, the human body, rituals, blood, urine, etc. Which leads me to another artist, Andres Serrano, and his work Piss Christ.

Andres Serrano standing next to his piece, Piss Christ

This piece created much controversy. Then you have other controversies such as graffiti being art. A well known graffiti artist Banksy, creates art that addresses various cultural and social issues such as commercialism in society, government surveillance of citizens, and violence in society. What does or does not make graffiti art?

There is a great book called “But is it Art?” by Cynthia Freeland, it opened my mind up to how complicated it is to answer the question of, what is art? More on this to come.

I hope to grow into feeling comfortable calling myself an artist but for now I still have much to learn and much to practice in finding my groove.

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