I’ve attempted to learn quite a few languages. Mainly because it was mandatory for school. The first language I had to learn was Chinese, in 5th grade. Then, French in 8th grade. German in 9th and 10th grade. Italian in College which led to attempting Chinese again but ultimately settling with German. Yeah I know, I’m not one of those people that just knows I’m gonna be awesome at something. It’s all about trial and error for this gal.

In my highschool German class, my teacher was the bees knees. He was German, little strange, quiet speaker, and always had this goofy expression on his face, like a little child who is up to no good but he also had this saddness lurking that made you want to give him a big hug to make him smile.  He was the bees knees, because all we did was play games, such as Duck Duck Goose, only in german it’s a little different, or watching strange old german music videos such as Arno Steffen’s Supergut. I don’t remember learning much German in that class until I started taking it again in College. Then it all just sort of came together, that or its the easiest of languages to learn. I really do think it’s similar to English. Well I guess you can be the judge of that while I share my German studies along the way, or if you already know German, advice is always welcomed!

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