minimalist (ˈmɪnɪməlɪst)
1. a person advocating a minimal policy, style, technique, action,etc

Growing up I was that little brat that wanted everything and refused to accept the word “no.” Eventually my mother came up with a good enough reason that has stuck with me to this day. It was; “Your not gonna use it. Just like you HAD to have that personal stationary you never used, or that outfit you only wore once.” Yup, she got me. I had no argument. So what did I do? Well first of all I never got rid of anything I owned, I was so set on proving to my mother that everything she had bought for me would come in use, one day. And they did, or maybe subconsciously I found ways to use them, either way, in my eyes I won the argument, even if it took years to prove. Well in actuality, I lost. Because even though I found a use for all the things I wouldn’t let go of, I created a monster who was unable to let go of things. A monster who also was a shopaholic. Now I’m  not a hoarder but I’m beginning to worry that if I don’t learn how to “let go” of things I don’t use and don’t need to hold onto until they come of use, I just may become a hoarder with 15 cats roaming the place. Scary, I know.

So far I have learned to manage my shopaholicism, mainly because I don’t have money and I have to credit my Popular Culture coarse which taught me all about Affluenza. As a vegan the last thing I want to do is pollute our earth with unnecessary crap I consume. Veganism is the gateway “drug” to awareness of everything. It’s pretty badass, in a positive way.

Now, is the hard part. Learning to rid my life of all the stuff that clutters it. This is most likely going to be the hardest conditioning to break, in fact I can guarantee it won’t begin without a push. So please PUSH AWAY!

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