The wonderful city of Portland! I moved here from Ferndale, Michigan (metro Detroit) May 2009, and never looked back.

The first few things that attracted me to Portland before visiting:

1. Vegan utopia

2. Dog friendly

3. Mass transit

4. Portland State University

Portland is extremely vegan friendly, I literally gained 15 pounds within the first few weeks of living here, what? michigan couldn’t offer me baked goods like those from Sweetpea Bakery, or a whole vegan grocery store like Food Fight. Even the chain grocery stores like Fred Meyer and Safeway have vegan options. It’s also very dog friendly, you see them everywhere, walking in neighborhoods, downtown, at bars, at restaurants, outside of stores, hiking, at the grocery store, on bikes (even motorcycles), on the mass transit, in cars, even on larger dogs in little napsacks! It’s beautiful how much people love their pets. Not only did the vegan and dog friendly  aspect have me sold but the mass transportation is stellar! You really have no need for a vehicle and if you wanted you could even use Zipcar for a trip to the coast or errands, anything you desire. I prefer the bus system though, I enjoy the friendly interaction of people. And Portlands are friendly! I remember when I first moved here I used to ride my bike all over the place, it was a Huffy, yeah it was rough, but people would always say nice things while I was cruisin by or at a stop light. It was refreshing coming from a place where men felt obligated to yell profanity out their window or honk at you. The people in Portland are just truly one of kind, everyone is so unique and accepting, they have no problem sparking up random conversation, which I happen to enjoy, or compliment you, which who doesn’t love a compliment? If you have a question or are lost, people are open to helping you out the best they can. The scenery is absolute gorgeous as well, I remember a friend of mine explaining the city of Portland as a bowl, surrounded by mountains and hillside houses. I guess you’ll just have to come visit to see what I mean. But thats not it, Portland is very artistic, art is everywhere, whether its little quotes written on park benches, graffiti, performers, paintings hung up in bars, museums, musicians, etc., There are many others that I will get to eventually but I want to explain how its not just these obvious ways of art, it’s also the people, the vibe, the city as a whole. It’s a different world. Everything is so unique, and different, there is something for every kind of person here, but at the same it’s so homey. So much diversity but you feel so connected with one another. Well I do anyways.

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