Almost 3 years ago I turned vegan. I was vegetarian from as far back as I can remember, minus those few years where some jerk decided that I can’t say I’m a true vegetarian if I’ve never eaten meat. The last thing I want to hear is that I’m not a true ______. Little tricky jerk they were, but I was the dumb little jerk that listened. My apologies world.

Anyways, I was looking to adopt a cat, I have two mini doxies but I felt I needed to rescue a life, a sweet little kitty seemed fitting. I was searching on the internet and one of those darn advertisements on the side of the page caught my attention. It was about cheese. The precious ingredient that was in every meal I consumed, of coarse it wasn’t until afterwards that I realized this. The advertisement was a quick little fact about pus and blood being a main ingredient in cheese. I was in a state of shock. Just staring at that little sentence, my whole world turn upside down. Now, I’m not sure about you but the last thing I was to be putting in my body is pus and blood. Those two words should not be associated with food. After I felt my stomach stop turning I was on a mission to find out how this could be. Let’s just say one thing led to another state of shock that ended in tears, anger and ultimately motivation to bring down the bastards who were apart of this unethical treatment to the animals and to the people who were blindly consuming this. I had hoped they were blindly consuming this, it was hard to believe I had gone 22 years and no one thought to tell me I was eating pus and blood from cow’s constantly being impregnated to feed the “need” of milk products. That’s just insanity!

Yup, that was enough for me. Now I can only hope to bring awareness to other’s about the evil meat and dairy industry. I’m optimistic that people will fight against their deceit and cruel treatment.

So, here in the Vegan section, anything goes!

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